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  • Does my hire time include changing time?
    Yes, the hire time is for your use of the facility. Your hire time includes your changing time and requires you to leave within 5 mins of the end of your time. The 5 mins beyond the hire time is for you to mop up and ensure the facility is left how you found it.
  • Are there showers?
    Unfortunately there are no shower facilities at this time. We ask that you please shower at home before coming to use the facilities. Showering helps remove sweat, lotions, sunscreen, bacteria and organic matter. This means the chlorine in the pool won’t have to work as hard, and more illnesses can be prevented. It also means we can use less chemicals which results in clearer more pleasant water.
  • What is a double nappy system?
    This is a supermarket disposable swim nappy with a well fitted neoprene nappy on top. This means that no poo can escape into the pool water which would results in closure for 48 hours minimum. Please look google happy nappy or look on second hand sites. You can read more about this here:
  • My child has recently been potty trained, why does he/she need to wear a double nappy system?
    The owners are parents of 4 young children and know too well that accidents can happen, especially when having fun. The pool rules are that a child needs to have been successfully and fully trained for 3 months before there is no nappy requirement. It is not worth the risk for the owners as its a time consuming issue to resolve and means closing the pool for a minimum of 48 hours.
  • Why do I have to clear up after myself?
    This is someone’s home. It will always be immaculate when you arrive and so we expect it to be respected and left the same way for the good of everyone.
  • What is the pool like?
    It is a chlorinated pool, heated to 30-31c, air temperature at 29-30c. It is 12 metres long by 5 metres side and is 0.8m in the shallow end (for about 2m) and slowly drops down to 1.6m at the deep end. It is crystal clear and peaceful
  • Can we bring toys for the pool?
    Yes, you can bring inflatables as long as they are clean. There are also some pool floats poolside which you are welcome to use.
  • Can I bring spectators?
    We allow up to 2 spectators who must follow pool rules.
  • Can I host a children’s party?
    We do not allow food or drink (other than water) on site. The ratio of adults to children (who cannot swim 5m unaided) is 1:1. (there needs to be one adult swimming for every one child who cannot swim confidently by themselves).
  • Am I allowed to take photos and videos?
    Yes as long as they are of your swimmers and not of the Owners house, gardens, children, etc.
  • Can I bring music?
    Yes but please remember the pool rules state you must not use the plug sockets
  • I need to cancel, what do I do?"
    We offer cancellation with 72 hours notice minus the Stripe or Paypal service fee which is not refunded to the pool operator.
  • When are pool slots released?
    The owner releases pool time around their own family plans. This is usually a number of weeks ahead but please keep checking back as the availability is a live platform and is therefore changing regularly
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